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Bursted Wood Primary School



Bursted Wood Parent Teacher Association is a parent/carer school association whose aim is to raise funds for school enrichment activities, ensuring an equal experience for all children within the school community. It also aims to celebrate and promote our diverse school community to create a friendly, inclusive environment and of course provide extra opportunities to have fun at school for both the children and their families.


Our association is about much more than simply fundraising. It exists to provide closer links between the Bursted Wood families and provides fun and exciting opportunities for both the children and parents/carers to make enriching connections.  The PTA are proud to host events that are an excellent way to bring staff, parents and friends together socially in support of the school.


Everyone with responsibility for a child attending the school is automatically considered a member of the PTA. We rely heavily on volunteers to be able to run our large events.  However any help big or small is invaluable.


We actively fundraise and run social events throughout the year whilst continuously exploring new ways of supporting the school with additional funding opportunities. Some of our most popular events are our summer and Christmas fairs, children’s discos, quiz nights and fun trail events.


Elected PTA members 2021-2022

Chairperson: Hayley Isaac

Vice chairperson: Paul Gray

Treasurer: Lisa Johal

Secretary: Richard Shannon


Any queries please e-mail bwpta@hotmail.co.uk


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