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Bursted Wood Primary School



At Bursted Wood Primary School, we strive to equip our children with the confidence to learn and use mathematical skills delivered through a mathematics curriculum that offers rich learning experiences. Our children will be taught the necessary skills to become fluent and confident mathematicians, who can apply their skills in and beyond school life and adopt a positive attitude towards mathematics.



The intent of our maths curriculum is to provide learning opportunities, which are accessible to all children and focus on fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We encourage pupils to be curious about maths in school, relish opportunities to investigate and explore, recognise the importance of what they are learning and be able to apply this to wider world situations.

Our key principles:

  • All children can access maths.
  • Maths to be engaging and rewarding for all children.
  • Fluency, reasoning and problem solving underpin the design of the maths curriculum.
  • Children to have the confidence to try new challenges and become confident mathematical thinkers.
  • Support is offered through a variety of different methods (including representations) following the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach.



To ensure whole school consistency and progression, the curriculum has been mapped out using the national curriculum framework, NCETM mastery materials, alongside complimentary resources and our calculation policy. Our curriculum is fluid and responsive to pupils needs and we use a mastery for learning approach with concepts being taught in blocks to support this. Concepts are carefully sequenced to ensure retention of skills and knowledge and are fully flexible in response to different cohorts of children.

What maths look like at Bursted Wood:

  • We follow a mastery for learning approach
  • As staff, we have high expectations for all children and share these with the children
  • A supportive ethos across the school enabling a positive attitude towards maths in every classroom
  • Lessons are designed carefully, keeping in mind the mastery principles of coherence, variation, representation and structure, mathematical thinking and fluency
  • A four-part lesson structure adopted in classrooms, allowing for daily times tables practice, mental/oral starter, teaching of concept and independent task
  • Creative planning to routinely instil in our children a sense of awe and wonder
  • Talk for learning is promoted in lessons, offering children the opportunity to use correct mathematical vocabulary and stem sentences
  • Concrete manipulatives are readily available, to not only support, but to deepen understanding and discover connections
  • Meaningful opportunities for learning outdoors for all age groups
  • Opportunities are available for greater depth of understanding and challenge, mainly through the use of problem solving and reasoning activities
  • Assessment for learning used to determine whether children need extra guided or independent practice
  • Times Tables Rock Stars used to support the recall and retention of multiplication facts
  • Explicit links identified and taught in science and other foundation subjects


How we show our values in maths

Collaboration Aspiration Resilience Empathy

To work productively with other people.


I can work in a team and listen to others.

To have high expectations for myself.

To contribute my ideas to class discussions.

To explore new methods and new ways of calculating.

To ask for help when I need it.

To support others in their understanding.

To allow others to share their ideas.


Mathematics Curriculum Overviews