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Bursted Wood Primary School

Vision, Values and Ethos

Vision, Values and Ethos

Our Vision and Values

At Bursted Wood Primary School we believe that every member of our community has important role to play both at school and within the wider community. We pride ourselves on building positive relationships between children, staff and parents by ensuring that each individual has the very best experience of learning. We have high expectations, offering the support and challenge needed to ensure that our children thrive.


Behaviour for learning and our school values 
We have introduced the children to a set of values for Bursted Wood that are designed to encompass desirable learning behaviours and actions that can be transferred from school into the real world. 

These values are achievable, memorable and fully embrace our school motto:

Care and Respect





  Bursted Wood recognises that there is strength in collaboration by working together to achieve our dreams and goals. We recognise that every child has a voice that has a right to be heard within our community.

Bursted Wood celebrates success and the different routes that can be taken to achieve individual aspirations. We want our children to dream big, break the mould and embrace their own self-belief! We recognise our children as individuals with many talents, with our aspirational curriculum aiming to broaden their horizons.

Bursted Wood encourages the confidence to take risks, be curious and learn from new experiences. We develop resilience through our safe and supportive learning environments where children can learn from their mistakes and bounce back stronger.

Bursted Wood understands the importance of empathy. We want to inspire our children to help, support and show compassion for others by seeing the world from different perspectives.

At Bursted Wood we C.A.R.E