Vision, Values and Ethos

Our Vision

Through high expectations, we strive to deliver excellence in education in a safe, fair and nurturing environment which celebrates uniqueness and grows responsible, honest citizens for an evolving future.
Motto: "Care and Respect"

Our Core Values:







At Bursted Wood, we care and show respect for each other at all times. We achieve this when:

We speak politely and courteously to everyone.
We always walk when moving in and between buildings.
We always try to do our best.
We always listen to adults and other children.
We look after and show respect for the school’s and each other’s property.
No form of bullying, whether physical or verbal, is acceptable.


Bursted Wood Primary School is a very friendly, welcoming and caring school. We believe that people achieve more when they feel happy, secure and valued.

Our philosophy is to educate the whole person; we want the children to enjoy their learning and we have high expectations for their academic, creative and social progress.

Our school has enhanced cultural influences (locally, national and internationally) through art, music, dance and drama which are keenly developed across all year groups – this resulted in the school being awarded the Arts Mark Gold national accreditation for the fifth time.

Team spirit is very much part of the ethos here and there is high expectations of all staff, pupils and parents to work cooperatively, to make a positive contribution to the life of the school and to give their best. There is a focused commitment on teaching and learning, which includes, staff, families and the community, and we are proud of what we do. There is an emphasis on mutual support through which we develop our shared professionalism.

We are reflective and adaptive in our practice. This is a safe place to make mistakes – making mistakes is a good way to learn! We are happy to try out new ideas because we want to ensure that every child succeeds.

We believe that every member of our school community should have an equal opportunity to achieve his or her full potential regardless of race, colour, gender, disability, special educational needs or socio-economic background. For this reason the school employs an Inclusion Manager and has secured awards such as: The Inclusion Quality Mark, The Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark and The Healthy Schools Award.

We also believe that it is the right of all our pupils to be educated in an environment free from disruption by others. This is why we adopt Restorative Practices in order to build the Bursted Wood community and to repair and strengthen relationships within this community.